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Dive into the vibrant world of VIBE in Sector 110, Noida. Spread over an area of approximately 75000 Square Feet , VIBE is a place where every corner captivates and every moment enthralls. Whether you’re a trendy urbanite or just young at heart, ‘VIBE’ promises a kaleidoscope of experiences that tantalize the senses. From high-end shopping to delightful dining, from ambient sounds to mesmerizing hues, we’ve crafted an ambience where memories are made. Come, feel the VIBE!




sq. ft Leasable Space






Shops at VIBE have been meticulously curated to offer a well-rounded and immersive shopping experience, seamlessly merging style, convenience, and diversity. VIBE offers an array of both renowned brands and budding local designers ensuring that shoppers have access to the latest global trends while also discovering unique and bespoke items that reflect local craftsmanship and culture. Beyond fashion, VIBE is a treasure trove for those seeking unique accessories, handcrafted jewellery, artisanal products that resonate with the ethos of VIBE.


These brands chose to be at Vibe


Symphony of Culinary Excellence - VIBE is more than just a dining destination; it's a sensory adventure. The meticulously curated selection of eateries ensures that there's something to tantalize every taste bud. Whether you're in the mood for traditional favorites, exotic dishes from far-off lands, or innovative fusion creations, VIBE has got you covered. Each restaurant and café within its confines delivers not just food, but an experience, a story, and a memory. The ambiance, the presentation, and the flavors all come together in a symphony of culinary excellence. It's not just about eating; it's about celebrating food in all its glory.


Project Highlights


Possession Soon


Catchment Area of 50K+ Families


Engaging Kids Play Area & Swift Transportation


State-of-the-Art Infrastructure & Design


Seamless Connectivity


Low Maintenance Charges


Prime Location in Noida


Grand Entrance with 4 Entry & Exit Points


Immerse yourself in an unparalleled entertainment experience at The Vibe's open-air theatre. Designed for live performances, movie screenings, and live sports matches, our state-of-the-art space brings together luxury and leisure, ensuring unforgettable moments for all visitors. Experience the ultimate in entertainment at The Vibe.


Location Advantages


Commercial to Greater Noida Expressway


Metro Station




Jaypee Hospital


Yatharth Hospital


Mahamaya Flyover


The Kids Play Area at "VIBE" is a haven of joy and laughter, designed with the utmost care to ensure a safe, engaging, and delightful experience for our little visitors. Understanding that children thrive in environments where they can explore, learn, and play, this space has been conceptualized with a mix of interactive and recreational elements. Upon entering, one is immediately drawn to the vibrant colors, captivating murals, and playful structures that adorn the space. From slides to swings, climbing structures to soft play zones,there's something for children of all ages.


Site Plan

Upper Ground Floor
Lower Ground Floor


VIBE is set in a prime location, thoughtfully chosen to maximize its accessibility and appeal. Being in close proximity to upscale residential neighborhoods, reputed educational institutions and other bustling commercial hubs, it positions itself as a central & convenient destination for a vast audience. The surrounding affluent residential areas indicate a market that values premium experiences, quality products, and unique services. Coupled with other commercial centers in the vicinity, VIBE taps into the synergy, drawing professionals and daily shoppers alike. The ease of access, combined with its rich offerings, positions "VIBE" a the preferred choice for both leisure and necessity for the surrounding population.

Mahamaya Flyover
5-7 Mins
Metro Station
5-7 Mins
Greater Noida Expressway
1-3 Mins
Yatharth Hospital
0-1 Mins
Open Multi-Utility


High Street Retail Space

Perfect for brands to showcase new products or for local artisans to display their crafts, these temporary retail spaces offer flexibility and variety to shoppers.

Culinary Experience

Spaces where cooking classes, food tastings, or even small pop-up food events can be hosted.

Fashion, food and fabulous vibes

Beautifully landscaped areas that can serve as an extension of the indoor spaces, ideal for outdoor events, exhibitions, or just a day out in the sun.

Live Events

Ideal for hosting a range of events from corporate workshops to cultural performances. These platforms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual systems and can accommodate diverse audience sizes.

Devika Group, an embodiment of visionary endeavours and unwavering commitment to sustainable developments. Every brick they lay, every space they create, is deeply rooted in their commitment to a sustainable and eco-conscious future. Their steadfast dedication has established them as an industry vanguard, a pioneer that others aspire to emulate.

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Dive into the vibrant world of VIBE in Sector 110, Noida. Spread over an area of approximately 75000 Square Feet , VIBE is a place where every corner captivates and every moment enthralls.